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Pat Libby Consulting consults with San Diego nonprofits to find the right executive hire.

"The United Way of San Diego County hired Pat Libby to lead our executive search process for a new CEO. The energy and commitment she bought to the process helped us focus in on what we needed in a candidate. She was able to deliver a large number of diverse types of quality applicants. The result was a candidate with great knowledge of the San Diego community which is a fantastic asset to the United Way."

Tony R. Russell 

Search Committee Chair, United Way of San Diego County

United Way of San Diego Executive Search

Executive Search for your Nonprofit

Finding the right executive leadership is the most important decision a nonprofit will make during its lifetime.   


Since 1995, Pat has used her proprietary search process to help decision-makers determine the characteristics of their ideal leader and to identify the right hire.

Her nation-wide executive search work has been noted for being collaborative and inclusive. She recognizes the role the board must have in selecting the leader of an organization and also understands how vital it is to respect and incorporate the views of senior management into this important decision. 



"Pat Libby expertly guided Mama’s Kitchen through a successful executive search process for a new CEO. The executive search process is time-consuming and difficult, but working with a professional like Pat made it much easier. Pat brought years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the needs of non-profits, and a deep understanding of the mission and history of Mama’s Kitchen. However, she also brought something quite unusual in the search industry; she really cares about the organizations that she works for. Her consultative process sought input from the board and staff. She collaboratively developed a detailed matrix for evaluating potential candidates. She laboriously checked references. The search concluded on-schedule with an exciting new CEO that will lead Mama’s Kitchen into the future. Working with Pat was a pleasure! I would not hesitate to recommend her to others."


Michael Horn

Search Committee Chair, Mama's Kitchen

"Pat Libby created an incredibly welcoming, well-informed candidate experience in the search process for CEO of Mama’s Kitchen. From my first discussion with Pat, it was clear that she had the best interests of Mama’s Kitchen at heart. Her explanation of the interview process made it clear to me that she and the Board of Directors had curated a well-organized search that prioritized identification of the best organizational fit. I was provided with all the information about the process in advance and was thoroughly impressed that the timeline outlined on day one, was kept perfectly, with excellent communication throughout. Importantly, I benefited as much from the interview process as did the Search Committee. I felt well-prepared for successful onboarding and a smooth transition for the organization."


Eva Matthews

Chief Executive Officer, Mama's Kitchen

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"Pat’s thoughtful approach to our COO search not only delivered a cadre of strong candidates but also helped us to define exactly the qualities and qualifications we needed. 

Working with her was a pleasure and ensured a successful search that brought needed talent to our executive team."

Steven Snyder, PhD 

CEO, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

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San Diego Habitat for Humanity, Inc. hired Pat Libby to recruit candidates for our search for President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Pat helped our board search committee to find the ideal candidate for the position.


Pat’s process included both board members and staff. She helped us identify the highest priority characteristics for the new CEO. Pat provided a time table for the search process and kept us on schedule. Through her aggressive outreach process, we were able to select a pool of excellent candidates. Our board is delighted with the results. We chose an extraordinarily skilled candidate as our new CEO. 

"Survivors of Torture, International engaged Pat's executive search services to work with our Transition Committee to find a new Executive Director. This was a first for our organization facing our founder/executive director's retirement after 25 successful years. Pat's thorough approach guided us through a structured schedule, an agreed upon set of qualifications, and a supportive process for screening, interviews, and selection. We appreciated Pat including input from staff and our founder as well as the support and accessibility to candidates in a way that prepared them well and enabled our board to make a timely and sound selection."


Jean Greaves, Ph.d.

Board Chair, Survivors of Torture, International



"I’m four months into my new job and I can’t thank you enough for this perfect fit, Pat Libby! I was so impressed with the deliberation and attention to detail in your recruitment process. It was not an easy ride, but I felt extremely well-informed and cared for, and as a result, I’m looking forward to being able to shine in this position. Non-profit work is a complicated undertaking and it's some of the most important work that is being done in our region and across the country. Going into the job with all this information and with a good sense about the staff, the board, the history and the challenges has truly primed my relationships and set me up for success."

Sarah Tuakli Cooper, Executive Director

Elementary Institute of Science

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"Christie’s Place hired Pat Libby to lead the search process for our Executive Director. Pat worked closely with the board and staff to develop a matrix that was essential in helping us define exactly what the organization needed. She was great to work with; accessible, energetic and always calmly focused. She reached out to potential candidates and was successful in bringing us a diverse and qualified pool to interview. We are thrilled with our new Executive Director; we could not have achieved this result without Pat. Throughout the process, we felt we were being guided by a professional who had the best interest of our organization at heart."

Kathleen Grove, Ph.D.

Board President, Christie's Place

“Pat Libby assisted our faith-based homeless mission with hiring a new CEO. From our initial meeting to successful completion of the search, Pat designed and led each step, customizing the process for our needs, and meeting each milestone on time. Pat quickly grasped the nature of our organization and the CEO selection criteria most important to our organization. She exudes confidence in her outcomes and steered the search committee toward a series of actions which her experience has demonstrated would have positive results.


Her recommendations were presented appropriately so that we understood them and trusted her advice. Pat delivered on the vetting for all candidates, and gained their trust, too, so that communication with them was transparent and forthright. In the end several final candidates were excellent fits for the role, and the individual selected was a unanimous choice.


I commend Pat Libby and her work for any executive search assignments, and particularly for those requiring a high level of process expertise and organizational insight."


Judith Enns, Ph.D.

Search Committee Chair

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet hired Pat Libby to lead our search for an Executive Director. She was organized, responsive, and provided exceptionally personalized service. Pat gained a strong understanding of our needs and culture. She partnered with the Search Committee to develop a matrix for evaluating candidates consistently and objectively. She sought input from both the Board and staff and kept the recruiting process on schedule.


Pat’s large network proved to be invaluable. We interviewed several well-qualified candidates that she hand-picked, including the wonderful Executive Director we chose to lead our organization. The Board is thrilled with the results of Pat’s efforts!

Rosemary Linden

Board Chair, San Diego Civic Youth Ballet

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