Pat Libby Consulting consults with San Diego nonprofits to find the right executive hire.

"The United Way of San Diego County hired Pat Libby to lead our executive search process for a new CEO. The energy and commitment she bought to the process helped us focus in on what we needed in a candidate. She was able to deliver a large number of diverse types of quality applicants. The result was a candidate with great knowledge of the San Diego community which is a fantastic asset to the United Way."

Tony R. Russell 

Search Committee Chair, United Way of San Diego County

United Way of San Diego Executive Search

Executive Search for your Nonprofit

Finding the right executive leadership is the most important decision a nonprofit will make during its lifetime.   


Since 1995, Pat has used her proprietary search process to help decision-makers determine the characteristics of their ideal leader and to identify the right hire.

Her nation-wide executive search work has been noted for being collaborative and inclusive. She recognizes the role the board must have in selecting the leader of an organization and also understands how vital it is to respect and incorporate the views of senior management into this important decision. 



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"Pat’s thoughtful approach to our COO search not only delivered a cadre of strong candidates but also helped us to define exactly the qualities and qualifications we needed. 

Working with her was a pleasure and ensured a successful search that brought needed talent to our executive team."

Steven Snyder, PhD 

CEO, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Federal Defenders of San Diego

"In 2004, the Board of Directors of Federal Defenders of San Diego hired Pat Libby to recruit candidates for the position of Executive Director. Her search was extremely thorough and resulted in the hiring of an exceptional attorney with a national reputation who remained at the helm or our organization for over a decade.


In 2018, we found ourselves in need of a new executive director and once again we turned to Pat.  By this time our organization had grown tremendously, and our needs were very different. Pat worked with our board to develop criteria and qualifications that were important for our needs in 2018. It was only after closely working with the board to develop a qualifications matrix that she was ready to begin the search.  That focus, preparation, and attention to detail at the early stages were critical to the success of the search process.

Pat’s unique approach to recruiting is just that; she proactively recruits—she does not rely on job announcements. Pat makes personal connections with people throughout the country to find those candidates uniquely qualified to fit the position.  After three rounds of interviews of exceptional candidates and with Pat’s guidance throughout the process, we chose an extraordinary woman to be the new director of Federal Defenders of San Diego.  We can’t imagine having done it without the professional and personal commitment Pat demonstrated to our organization."

Liz Missakian, Chair, Search Committee & Andrew Nietor, President, Board of Directors

Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc.

"We were so fortunate to be able to have the professional expertise of Pat Libby Consulting to lead our executive search. She helped us identify the right combination of experience and traits we were looking for in an executive director and assembled a well-qualified cadre of candidates for the position.


We selected Jim Stone as EIS’s new executive director. EIS needed a strong leader with a passion for our mission, sound judgment and a lot of stamina and we found all that and more in Jim. After working closely with Jim for several months, I know we found the right person for the job. Pat is the Jewish fairy godmother that all executives and organizations wish they had to help them through when times get tough!"

Patsy Tomlin

Board Chair, Elementary Institute of Science

"Pat served as the consultant to recruit a new Executive Director for the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS). She reached out to me to help spread the word through my network. The recruitment documents were so impressive that I decided to throw my own hat in the ring.


As a candidate, I found Pat’s approach throughout the recruitment process to be extremely professional. She kept me informed about details of the process each step along the way and helped me to fully understand what the EIS board was looking for in an Executive Director.


As the board honed in on its final decision she communicated clearly what was happening and stayed involved until all negotiations were complete. Recruitment for a chief executive can be arduous, and from the perspective of a candidate, Pat’s stewardship of the process was highly effective for both the organization and for the people applying for the position."

Jim Stone

Executive Director, Elementary Institute of Science

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"Christie’s Place hired Pat Libby to lead the search process for our Executive Director. Pat worked closely with the board and staff to develop a matrix that was essential in helping us define exactly what the organization needed. She was great to work with; accessible, energetic and always calmly focused. She reached out to potential candidates and was successful in bringing us a diverse and qualified pool to interview. We are thrilled with our new Executive Director; we could not have achieved this result without Pat. Throughout the process, we felt we were being guided by a professional who had the best interest of our organization at heart."

Kathleen Grove, Ph.D.

Board President, Christie's Place

“Pat Libby recently assisted our faith-based homeless mission with hiring a new CEO. From our initial meeting to successful completion of the search, Pat designed and led each step, customizing the process for our needs, and meeting each milestone on time. Pat quickly grasped the nature of our organization and the CEO selection criteria most important to our organization. She exudes confidence in her outcomes and steered the search committee toward a series of actions which her experience has demonstrated would have positive results.


Her recommendations were presented appropriately so that we understood them and trusted her advice. Pat delivered on the vetting for all candidates, and gained their trust, too, so that communication with them was transparent and forthright. In the end several final candidates were excellent fits for the role, and the individual selected was a unanimous choice.


I commend Pat Libby and her work for any executive search assignments, and particularly for those requiring a high level of process expertise and organizational insight."


Judith Enns, Ph.D.

Search Committee Chair

"Pat Libby did an excellent job managing the CEO search for the San Diego Center for Children, an iconic organization serving children and their families. Her approach to helping the non-profit’s board select the right person is inclusive and also incorporates search committee and senior staff input.


Her methodology gave our search committee a clear path to evaluate candidates and select a new CEO. Everyone on the committee felt that Pat’s guidance was crucial to what amounted to a success in the selection."


Rana Sampson

Search Committee member, San Diego Center for Children


San Diego Center for Children's CEO search was aided by Pat Libby's executive hire approach.