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Senior Executive. Consultant. Author. Academic.

Pat Libby is a change management consultant to nonprofits and philanthropies. She has served as a CEO, academic, board member, and consultant to innumerable nonprofit organizations and foundations. Her firm helps organizations hone their strategy and structure, advance their position, find the right leaders, and better connect to the communities they serve. Never incremental in approach, Pat seeks to bring about transformational change in organizations and systems.

Pat Libby Consulting


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The Empowered Citizens Guide
10 Steps to Passing a Law that Matters to You

This book is for anyone who sees a glaring injustice or community-wide problem and feels like screaming, “there ought to be law!” but doesn’t know how to make it happen. Pat Libby makes the work of conducting a successful grassroots lobbying campaign seem relatively painless by sharing her easy-to-follow formula and pulling the curtain back on things we think we should know but don’t. The book is funny, relatable, and illustrated by real-life examples of people who successfully used Libby's strategy to pass  laws. For those who are passionate about creating change in their communities, cities, or states, this book provides a simple recipe for making a difference.

From the New York Journal of Books: “Her down-to-earth, humorous style makes her the perfect coach for every wannabe successful activist.”


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The Lobbying Strategy Handbook Pat Libby
The Lobbying Strategy Handbook
10 Steps to Advancing Any Cause Effectively

The Lobbying Strategy Handbook shows how students with passion for a cause can learn to successfully influence lawmaking in the United States. The centerpiece of this book is a 10-step framework that walks the reader through the essential elements of conducting a lobbying campaign. The framework is illustrated by three separate case studies that show how groups of people have successfully used the model. Undergraduate, graduate students, and anyone interested in making a difference, can use the book to guide them in creating and conducting a grassroots campaign from start to finish.

Order the second edition of The Lobbying Strategy Handbook.

Cases in Nonprofit Management
A Hands-On Approach to Problem Solving

Case Studies in Nonprofit Management by Pat Libby and Laura Deitrick is designed to teach students how to think critically, hone their decision-making skills, and learn to apply leadership and management principles that are essential for any nonprofit professional. The cases provide students with insight into the nature of nonprofit management sector, illustrating the role of key concepts such as leadership, risk management, financial management, advocacy, marketing, and grantmaking in nonprofit organizations.



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Technology, Activism, and Social Justice in a Digital Age edited by John McNutt
See Chapter 3: Advocacy as a Moral Imperative written by Pat Libby

Buy on Amazon or purchase on Oxford University Press

Why a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation should engage in lobbying, what the legal rules are, and how to fund nonprofit lobbying activities.
Simple explanation of how the legislative process works, plus insights on easy and best practices for nonprofit lobbying campaigns.
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